Right-Sizing Your Life


Right-sizing Your Life

Could a Small Home be Right for You?

More and more Americans are embracing minimalist value changes like the tiny home movement. The pattern of working to acquire more and more things which require money and maintenance proves emotionally unsatisfying, and instead we want to escape to an unencumbered, more holistic lifestyle. For some, detaching from worldly possessions and hitting the road in an RV or tiny home is the embodiment of that freedom. For those not ready to go quite that far, non-traditional small homes provide the perfect compromise between uncluttered freedom and long-term stability.

So, just who are the people who are right-sizing their lives with manufactured homes at our Sky Valley and Caliente Springs resort communities?

The Urban Dweller’s Vacation Pad

The urban and suburban coast of California is picturesque, yes, but also crowded and hectic for young working professionals. Since the early 1940s, the most affluent in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego have adopted Palm Springs as a place to relax and decompress. As the Coachella Valley has developed, visitors continue to find new things, no matter how regularly they come: casinos, spas, world-class entertainment, music festivals, and deep-relaxation mineral hot springs don’t easily lose their lustre.

But Palm Springs’ star-studded reputation means that historic mid-century real estate and hip but impersonal hotel rooms don’t come cheaply. Instead, many regular visitors are turning to long-term vacation home investments to sustain their Coachella Valley habit.

Buying a one- or two-bedroom manufactured home in Sky Valley Resorts offers the luxury of a home-away-from-home without the burden of a large second mortgage. Vacation homeowners can buy a 400-square-foot manufactured home starting at $40,000. With its minimal maintenance costs and a bevy of resort amenities all included in the price of a lot rental, it’s an affordable way to get away.

If you come to Sky Valley for a vacation, wouldn’t you rather spend your money on the vacation instead of the home?

The Transitioner’s Stable Relocator

Many people relocate to Southern California for its great weather, natural landscape, and work opportunities. The eclectic personalities of artists and social types find the Coachella Valley a natural fit. With California’s housing prices nearly doubling the national average, buying any traditional home is a sizeable investment. Alternative housing, like Sky Valley or Caliente Springs park models and manufactured homes allow for a softer transition.

Some residents who have taken a hospital job or relocated for the Coachella Valley’s booming service industry don’t have a lot of time to spend looking for the perfect home. Even tougher, the competitive market means prospective buyers may have to sell their home in another state before securing a new, more expensive, home in Palm Springs. But at Sky Valley Resorts, customized mobile homes offer lower prices and speedier closings. This uncommitted value in housing, without property tax, adds up to a whole lot less stress when getting rid of another home and relocating.

The Baby Boomer’s Piggy Bank

The days of the fully-funded pensions that the Greatest Generation enjoyed are all but over. In their working years, Baby Boomers have enjoyed increasing standards of living throughout their lifetime, but after retirement, the party will be over for some. Studies show that over 50% of American Baby Boomers have less than $50,000 saved for retirement, with more than half having no savings at all.

This makes cost of living a top factor among retirees in the Caliente Springs community. For many, cashing in on the appreciation of a larger home can provide significantly increase a Boomer’s liquid assets. Replacing that home with a park model or mobile home at a third or a quarter of the price is a golden opportunity to pick up some extra funds, perhaps even before retiring.

The Minimalists Dream

What all of these right-sizers have in common is a transformative vision of quality of life. To our residents, that means spending time with friends, staying close to kids and grandkids, keeping active and healthy, and making room financially and emotionally for new experiences.

In a community that’s this social, you can walk to the mailbox and make dinner plans with a neighbor, or head to the pool and meet a new friend. Every day, new connections are built or strengthened. Activities and sports promote health, camaraderie, and accountability. In spite of the financial and practical reasons our residents come to Sky Valley, the community is really where the magic happens.

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