Try a Getaway Home in Sky Valley: The Casita Collection


Snowbirds, minimalists and weekenders alike can experience the comfort of home in our Casita Collection. Spanish for “tiny home,” Casitas are Sky Valley’s most affordable line of manufactured homes. At 400 square feet, the floor plans prioritize simplicity and convenience.

The perfect high-value, entry-level purchase, seasonal and temporary residents appreciate the virtually maintenance-free appeal, while environmentally-conscious homeowners and minimalists value the low carbon footprint. Perhaps a casita is a good investment for you.


Key Features, Endless Amenities. All of our casitas come engineered with comfort in mind. The living room and bedroom contain TV-ready hook-ups, a water line for a refrigerator and ice maker, and a 2.5 ton air conditioner with heat pump installation.

All of these features come standard in every Casita Collection home. The flooring, cabinets, windows and hardware suit many clients perfectly, but upgrades and personalizations are available as well.

Need more living space? The balmy year-round temperatures in Sky Valley make our amenities outside the home easily accessible, too. Residents can access more than a dozen hot tubs and pools filled with our mineral-rich hot spring water.


Golf, pickleball and tennis courts provide pleasant landscapes and high-energy activity. Chapel programs in the resorts are the heart of the local community. And our clubhouses are designed to host gatherings large and small when you need more space to spread out.

Low Maintenance, Turnkey Convenience. At Sky Valley Resort, we want to make sure your home is accessible and available whenever you are. Even if you are a seasonal or weekend visitor, a home from the Casita Collection should easily fit your lifestyle and schedule.

Manufactured homes in this collection offer comfortable floor plan options that are self-contained and easy to care for without a lot of individual set-up and maintenance. That’s why your water and power can be set up directly through Sky Valley and paid in one convenient bill. Waste disposal is also on-site at our trash area. Once you purchase a new manufactured home, we will place it on a 20-by-20-foot concrete driveway and landscaped yard, finished and ready for you, the new homeowner, to turn the key and enter your casita.


High Efficiency, Small Footprint. Not only does the Casita Collection offer an escape from the the pressure to collect material objects, it also relieves pressure on the environment. Daphne Stanford of Renewable Energy World finds that a typical tiny home emits “on average, 2,000 pounds of CO2 per year, as opposed to 28,000 pounds a year” generated by a typical-sized house. With energy-efficient appliances and windows and skylights that take advantage of natural sunlight, curbing your home’s emissions isn’t a laborious effort at all.

In addition to your tiny home energy-saving contribution, the solar field behind Sky Valley Resort offsets about 90% of the energy used by Sky Valley residents. By feeding energy to the Riverside power grid instead of directly to residents, homes can still use power at night, when the sun is no longer shining. This minimizes Caliente Springs’ carbon footprint while still offering power to residents, night and day.

Tiny Home, Big Value. Are you ready to get cosy in your ideal casita? Starting at only $49,900, the Casita Collection allows you to step into paradise with your own patch of space in a fantastic community. You can downsize and declutter for your own peace of mind, but once you relocate to a tiny home in our big, wide, beautiful desert, the possibilities are endless.

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