Prepare for the Blooms!

While “April showers bring May flowers” in four-season climates, for Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, it’s November through January rainfall that predicts the robustness of the March and April desert bloom. This year, heavy rainfall as early as October germinated lots of seeds across the valley floor; a relative deluge in January assures that residents will see some color very soon. The Desert Sun predicts that “the likes of Desert Dandelions, Brown-eyed Primrose and Hairy Sand Verbena could show up as early as late January if temperatures are warm enough.” Other more elusive desert flowers are expected by March, in what ecologists believe is the makings of a great wildflower season.

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Inside the Waterworks: Spa Secrets Revealed

Many long-time seasonal and year-round residents have questions about the pumps, the wells, and the filtration system in our pools. Why is the water a little warmer or cooler than it was last time? Why do the minerals smell stronger? Is there too much chlorine? What is the environmental impact? Where does the water go?

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Mineral PoolsEmily Manthei