In an effort to continue to provide convenient, low-cost mail service for RV sites at Sky Valley Resorts, we need your help! Properly addressed mail and packages are crucial in allowing us to continue to offer mail service. Effective January 1st, 2019, all mail and packages delivered to the Sky Valley Resort front office will be required to have a Unit Number on the label as shown in the example below. Mail which does not have a unit number will be delayed and/or returned to sender


Jane Smith
74711 Dillon Rd. Unit  9001
Desert Hot Springs, CA. 92241

Required Address Format:

Street Address / Unit Number
City, State, Zip Code

A properly displayed Unit  Number allows us to quickly and efficiently sort the mail. Please keep in mind that the Unit  Number is the number assigned to your physical mail box and is NOT your site number. All Unit  Numbers are 4 digits and begin with “9”. If you have mail service with us and are unsure of your Unit  Number, contact Resident Communications for assistance at (760) 883-9079.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve never had to put my Unit Number on mail before. Why now?

A. Labor costs continue to rise, we must find innovative ways to keep your costs low in order to avoid passing on increases and/or reducing or eliminating services. Sorting mail that does not have a Unit Number takes exponentially more time.

Q. Can I just put my site number on mail?

A. Unfortunately, the site number is not correlated to the physical mailbox and thus does not help in sorting.

Q. What happens to mail that does not have a Unit Number listed on the label?

A. All mail delivered to the front office after January 1st, 2019 without a valid Unit Number will be returned to sender or service will be delayed.

Q. I don’t have mail service with Sky Valley Resorts. What other options do I have?

A. You always have the option of purchasing a P.O. Box from the local Post Office.

Q. What is a Unit Number?

A. The Unit Number is the unique number assigned to your physical mailbox. This number is assigned at the time you purchase mail service with Sky Valley Resorts. Unit Numbers are 4 digit numbers that always start with the number “9”. Example Unit Number: “9123”.

Q. I have other questions not listed here, who can I call for answers?

A. Contact Resident Communications at (760) 883-9079