Is an Active Resort Community Right for Me?


You’re young, healthy, and energetic. Sure, the time to retire is drawing near, and your kids have finally stopped doing their laundry at your house. Now, you want to make the most out of your time by lowering your stress and increasing your enjoyment. So, just how do you change gears without stalling out?

For many Baby Boomers, the question is not whether it’s time to stop, but simply what comes next. And if that’s your question, consider the benefits of living in an active community with a resort atmosphere like Sky Valley Resorts. It could be just the answer you’re looking for.

Reduced Maintenance, Increased Amenities. As anyone who has lived in a condominium or neighborhood association knows, a planned community provides some basic homeowner independence: while you’re responsible for what happens on the inside of the home, the community takes care of communal maintenance and improvement. This saves time, money and energy that you might rather spend on pursuing friendships and hobbies. No more mowing the lawn on the weekends or making sure the landscaping stays up to date with the latest trends. In a resort community, you’re free of all that labor and responsibility.

Additionally, you can enjoy amenities that you might not have the time, money or ability to invest in on your own. Sky Valley Resorts provides a network of fresh mineral water hot tubs and pools, tennis and pickleball courts, activity rooms and gathering halls, fitness centers and open outdoor areas. All of these spaces act as a grand expansion to your home.

Robust Social Network. And while you’re spreading your wings, why not expand your social network, too? Without the daily grind of a working life, neighbors in the Sky Valley Resort community have plenty of opportunities to come together for fun, and with a purpose. We provide space for dozens of social clubs and activity classes, as well as volunteer opportunities in the resort and in the greater Coachella Valley. And in an active atmosphere where your peers are riding bikes, playing pickleball, taking hikes and going swimming, it’s makes it easy to keep yourself motivated to stay physically fit, too.

On a more personal side, many of our residents have met new best friends and even second spouses at our resorts. Sky Valley Resort fosters a caring Christian atmosphere, which gives many residents shared spiritual commitments, too. Our chapel and choir programs are two of the most popular activities among residents, and provide a welcoming and close circle of residents.

Safety and Independence. For most Baby Boomers, living independently is still very important. Our individual homes maintain all their own freedoms, while also providing the security of knowing that help is just around the corner. Our resort emergency medical response team can arrive within a few minutes of a healthcare emergency and provide basic services until paramedics arrive. Lives have been saved and the worried comforted by the well-trained team of first responders, who often know those in their care by more than just their name.

Meanwhile, our resort security guards and neighborhood patrols dissuade thievery and vandalism. Knowing that residents of Sky Valley take care of each other provides confidence and peace of mind throughout the resorts.

So… is an active resort community right for you? Why not spend a Discovery Stay weekend at Sky Valley Resort and see for yourself.

Jen Hasselbeck