Why Palm Springs is the Best Place to Retire


If you’re a snowbird steering away from winter storms, you’re probably firmly committed to making your new nest somewhere in the sunshine. But that’s not the only reason so many retirees decide that the Palm Springs area is the perfect place to park without flying too close to the sun. Looking for a few other reasons to consider making the Coachella Valley your new winter destination? Read on to learn about some more of the benefits of living near Palm Springs.

Weather. Yes, it’s true: Southern California has more than 300 days of average sunshine per year. That translates to a warm climate year-round, and plenty of vitamin D! But unlike tropical warmth, the desert’s dry heat carries health benefits for healing wounds and arthritis as well. Not to mention, heavy winter coats, galoshes and rain macs can all be a little unwieldy in a suitcase!

With beautiful mountain views and clean air, Sky Valley Resort is the perfect place to stake your claim to the best of the desert climate. 

Recreation. Are you a nature lover, health nut, art lover, or foodie? Have a penchant for thrift shopping, big brand bargain hunting, trying your luck at the slots, or ruling the driving range? Unlike most peaceful oases, the Palm Springs area provides entertainment for lots of different tastes, from sophisticated to simple, outdoorsy to urban.

Stunning and unique desert rocks at Joshua Tree National Park and the snow-capped peaks of San Jacinto State Park are just a few of the diverse landscapes you can reach within an hour, and are great day trips to explore. On the valley floor, hikes through palm groves and across lunar rock mounds keeps the sandy desert surprising as well.

Give your taste buds a workout by sampling everything from surprisingly delicious sushi to experimental California cuisine. The local restaurateurs of the Palm Springs area, often Los Angeles and San Diego escapees themselves, find a receptive crowd for new food and interesting flavor combinations among their local clientele. Of course, if you’re simply searching for alternative health products, fresh citrus fruit, hand-picked dates and other fresh goodies, you can find get those straight from farmers and at health stores, too. Who knew the desert had so much variety?

Art and culture lovers can whet their appetites at the Palm Springs Modern Art Museum and the seasonal art fairs at College of the Desert, or by participating in February’s annual Modernism Week. Music lovers embrace an earful of soulful singing at the McCallum Theatre or one of the many venues and casinos that host varied seasonal concerts.  

Between the Cabazon outlet malls, the Palm Springs retro and vintage shopping scene, and the hand-crafted boutique stores in Downtown Palm Springs, there is plenty for the shopping addict to appreciate, too.

Healthcare. The Coachella Valley is also home to a number of world-class healthcare facilities, including Eisenhower Medical Center, which ranks highly in US News and World Report’s national survey of the best hospitals for adult care. As the quality and availability of health providers becomes increasingly important, the Palm Springs area’s facilities, which are a steady driver of the local economy, become even more coveted.

You can find a great primary care doctor, as well as specialists in nearly every category of care, at the clinics, medical centers and hospitals in the immediate vicinity of Palm Springs. Additionally, the VA’s Loma Linda Healthcare system, whose main facility is about an hour away, has a local clinic in Palm Desert serving veterans of the valley. 

Strong local economy. Because of the impact of healthcare and tourism on the Palm Springs area economy, a downturn never lasts long. That keeps property values stable and growing, as well as creating a vibrant local scene that attracts seasonal as well as year-round residents. This is true both here at Sky Valley Resort and in the greater Palm Springs area. Quality of life remains high, regardless of larger trends in the economy.

Cost of living. With its history as a retreat for Hollywood starlets, Palm Springs has always served its residents like royalty— but at a fraction of the price of big-city living in Southern California. With easy access to so many incredible destinations, the Palm Springs area is a great home base for anyone in the southwest looking for a high quality of life at an affordable price. 

Owning a minimalist home at Sky Valley Resort, complete with shared amenities, is especially affordable and attractive. Property values in our resorts remain stable and growing, while the cost of a new mobile home remains within reach for even a modest budget. In our “tiny home” community, residents spend less on utilities, too. Meanwhile, the inclusion of so many amenities— like spas, pools, a golf course, fitness center, and chapel programs, to name a few— mean residents spend less on entertainment and transportation while still having plenty of fun!

Are you ready to consider the Palm Springs area as your retirement destination? Sky Valley Resort invites you to try our Discovery Stay and find out for yourself what it’s like to live in paradise.

Jen Hasselbeck